Since 1993, Serkim Resin has been a pioneering company in the market, producing Alkyd Resin and Saturated Polyester, and its knowledge base and experience in the sector strengthens its market position with each passing day. Our company’s mission complies with its understanding of disciplined work and quality manufacturing, and we have been ISO-9001 quality management system and ISO-14001 environmental management system certified since 2007.

Customized according to our domestic and international customers, our plants produce over 60 types of Alkyd Resin and Saturated Polyester resins in an ever-expanding product range. Our R&D department offers customized resin production services, using new technologies to develop and produce resins suitable for different continents and climates.

Serkim Resin’s new 30,000-ton capacity, self-financed plant commenced production in 2017, exporting products to several countries across several continents. As the only 100% Turkish Alkyd resin manufacturer in the sector, Serkim and its innovative products will always be at your service in the paint industry.